TAJ CHARLES is the namesake label of Ottawa born, Toronto based designer Tajah Charles.

She had a dream of being a fashion designer since the age of 12, but found a specific love of lounge and lingerie as a young adult.

TAJ CHARLES aims to add color and life to your lounge and lingerie wardrobe whether day to day at home, or for a special occasion. She believes everyday deserves luxury and one of the areas we often overlook a touch of luxury is in our “home clothes”. 

“Why not wear your favourite satin robe when no one is around on a Tuesday evening. Why do we always have to wait to dress our best or for someone or something special to come around. You are the special one and the special occasion is anytime you decide. I really wanted to find more options in addition to the ultra sexy lingerie, that people would turn to day to day that aren't "basic" in terms of the fabrics and colours used." - Tajah Charles


All of our items are handmade in Toronto, Canada by Tajah and her small team. We do our best to source local and Canadian as much as possible. We currently work on a Pre Order system to ensure we are only using the fabric that we know is being made into a final product. We also cut to ensure we maximize the use of our fabric and actively recycle or donate our fabric scraps.

We aim to have as little plastic as possible in our packaging and we encourage our customers to recycle what they can according to their local recycling programs.

As we grow we will continue to look for ways to ensure our business is making as little a footprint as possible in the world we live in by finding new innovative ways to package and produce our products.