Our Story...

"I live for the vibrancy of the Summer and the flare of the Caribbean..."

" I'm a summer baby so that's my season. I love how colourful and vibrant everyone dresses as soon as the sun comes out or they find themselves in a warm location. My parents are also Caribbean so that island flare and vibrancy lives through me and is something I always want to portray and my designs and my choice of scents for my other products. I want this brand to be all encompassing so that you can feel it not only with what you wear, but the scents in your home and on your body..."


Responsible Fashion

As we grow we will continue to look for ways to ensure our business is making as little a footprint as possible in the world we live in by finding new innovative ways to package and produce our products.

What's Next?

Our next collection is on the way and will include 2 completely new pieces and introduce our line of Candles and Body Products ! Thank you for following our journey this far, be sure to sign up to our mailing list below and follow us on INSTAGRAM for more updates.