As many of you know I am also a DJ. Before Covid, I was ( still am...) a DJ Full time for the past 5 years. Though it has been extremely tough to find DJ work these days and with the demands of starting a new business during a pandemic, I found my desire to put effort into my musical talents falling by the wayside and had no idea what I even wanted to do musically. I really didn't feel motivated to make any mixes or regularly stream on twitch as many other DJ's have been doing. It just wasn't there for a number of months, I really couldn't explain it.

Over the holidays when I finally got to slow down and take a few days to my self to break from orders, I felt that spark to do something musically that I have not felt in months. If you know me you know one of my favourite genres of music is R&B. Old, new, in between, underground, mainstream...whatever. So I got to thinking about how I can merge my two talents together somehow and use this as motivation to stay on top of finding new music.


I have decided to bring back my R&B playlist series COOL MONDAY and I will be featuring the links to the playlists, which will be available on Apple Music and Spotify here in The Lounge, in our Newsletter and across all socials every first Monday of the month. What better way to unwind on a Monday evening then to slip on your new favourite robe, light up a candle (highly recommend Bliss or Resilience by Nautana and any of the scents by Jean Marie Candle Co) and enjoy a perfectly curated R&B optional but also highly recommended.

This Months Playlist features VanJess, Leven Kali, H.E.R., SiR + Many More. Click on your preferred streaming platform below and enjoy!





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